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Smart Products

Who We Are

We, Ningbo Anpu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. are specilized in electronic products. As a manufacturer, in the past 10years, our factory we mainly produce led lamps.  Now and future, our main category is smart home products. We have put a lot of money in this industry. Keeping developping new products to make our customers standing out in the markets.

Amy Liu

Sales Manager

A Few Words About

Our Team

We only can show a few staff in our company. Excuse that we can`t show our engineers photos here. Though how we would like to show!!!!

Feng Von

Factory Director

Ada Lee

Materials Department

Fang Fang

Aliexpress sales

Tom Tao

Exporting Sales

Michael Xiang

Exporting Sales

Lina Wang

Intern Designer

Tina Zhao

Intern Designer

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