ACCKIP Smart Wi-Fi PIR Remote Controller
• This wi-fi infrared controller converts most remote controls into WiFi wireless.
• By adding rf Bridges to iOS/Android app WiFi, You can add up to 4 1-4 button rf remotes to the rf bridge device.
• After pairing the rf remote control button with the rf control device, You can directly control up to 16 control devices on the App via WiFi/ 2/3/4g network.
• Can be used in most of the remote control products, such as control switch, control socket, control bulb, control door opener, etc.
• What’s more exciting is that it will work with multiple sensors such as door magnet sensor, human body infrared sensor to realize security alarm and let you DIY intelligent scene.
Powerful And Stable Function:
8-10m IR control distance, with signal stably and widely covered.
Personalized Set Up Air Conditioning Mode Take Care of Parents:
Set a suitable temperature for your parents. The air conditioning automatically working on time.

Voice Control:

Control your device via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Control Anywhere:

You can control your lights, ceiling fans, and other devices wherever you are.

Device Sharing:

You can share the device with your family through the Tuya app.

PIR Distance




Max Current




Enclosure Dimensions

6.8*6.8*3.7 cm

Wireless Standard

802.11 b/g/n

Security Mechanism


Operating Temperature



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