ACCKIP Smart Wi-Fi Plug (Energy Monitor Inside)

• Remote powering on/ off, smart timing

It is able to control every device at home through a phone app at any time.
To automatically turn on or off the device according to your setup.

Alexa audio control/ plug and play

To download the app( App Store/ Google Play Store) through scanning the QR code for easy and convenient operation.

Smart grouping control/ real-time monitoring anomaly

This product is power-saving and safe, which is able to reduce devices of wasting electricity, while effectively preventing the heat caused by the excessive power consumption of high power equipment to lengthen the service life of devices.


Energy Monitor:

Keep track of energy usage to keep monthly electricity bills down.

APP Remote Control:

Remote control of household appliances through the mobile APP, simple interface, easy operation, and compatibility with Android and IOS systems.

Device Sharing:

You can share the device with your family through the Tuya app.

Control Anywhere:

You can control your lights, ceiling fans, and other devices wherever you are.

Model Number




Max Current


Max Power


Wireless Frequency




Country Standard

Africa & India, Australia, Brazil, Europ, France, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, UK, US


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