ACCKIP Wi-Fi Flood Alarm
• With two alarm modes you can fully understand the situation of the water leakage, so you can handle it quickly and avoid further losses.
• As soon as the water detector detects leaking water, the 60dB alarm will sound within 1 second and an alarm message will be sent to the smartphone within 2-10 seconds (depending on the network speed).
• Built-in rechargeable battery to avoid battery replacement. More comfortable and energy-efficient.
• The small water detector with 5.9ft long cable will not be damaged at a high water level and will adapt to more complex installation environments.
• The water sensor can also be used with the power turned off and the power down the network, as the wireless alarm has a battery and a horn, it can also trigger an alarm in case of water leakage, so you can handle it quickly and avoid further losses.
(The water alarm automatically restores after the network is restored, the network does not need to be reconfigured.)
• The 60 dB alarm tone will not be hard, so you will be informed in time about the water leak.
• With the TUYA APP and the Quick Start Guide, it only takes a few minutes to install the device.
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